Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Website Spokesperson: A Necessity, Not a Preference

Many articles, blogs and comments by consumers have been written in relation to the many positives associated with website video spokesperson – or videos in general.

However, we at Dynamite Network want to back these claims up with some industry research and consumer trends which many small to mid-sized businesses still are not aware of to this day.

According to Euromonitor reports, video has become increasingly important as businesses and consumers alike seek to convey complex messages that are often lost in text. With the growing focus on Vlogs, user created videos and viral marketing – videos have become a necessity in utilizing any marketing campaign and strategy. They are one of the key methods in engaging consumers and should be leveraged with interactive advertising such as a video website spokesperson.

It is important to note that the whole spectrum of a video spokesperson is not just limited to an online greeter. Considering that this is a fast growing trend, many new and innovative methods have been utilized to position a website spokesperson in various different environments. This can be seen in video e-mails that are sent out, interactive 360 degree images and pages on a website besides the home-page. They have been strongly used in pushing visitors to take that extra step and do what your marketing strategy wants them to do. Whether it is signing up on your website, or even just getting a free consultation for your service; this technology has certainly been useful.

Further reports from Euromonitor’s “Consumer interest in the video digital medium up in an impersonal, mobile world” report suggests that “Human psychology has a fundamental attraction to the visual, and in the past century the moving image has taken this to new levels of commercial possibilities. With the power of things visual as strong as ever, the internet has been transformed from its first days as a mainly text-based communication tool to today's video-enhanced medium”.

It continues on to say that “One major difference between today's media users and those of previous generations is that rather than providing a mass-market, passive audience, today's users want to communicate and integrate with their chosen social groups via video”. Which implies that users do not want to waste time on forms of media that are not collaborative and do not engage them in any way. The whole concept of brick and mortar customer service has started to shift onto the online world as well, and online users want to be treated exactly in a manner that they would be treated by a representative at a brick and mortar store.

Ultimately, it is the basic need of communication and social contact with others that generates such consumer trends in an online world that continues to become more fast-paced and isolated. This is why the marketing and advertising firms need to stay on top of their game, and so do businesses who wish to be successful in a world that continues to change faster and faster every day.

Let Dynamite Network assist your business in coping with these industry changes and consumer trends. Contact us today to get more information about our up-to-date website video spokesperson technology, which is not just limited to websites, but can be implemented, in virtually any online communication medium such as e-mails and .pdf files.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Online Video Analytics and Metrics: The importance of their usage

It is surprising how so many businesses who employ an online video spokesperson on their website, are still not utilizing some sort of video metrics or analytics technology to measure the effect of their video. Measuring video metrics on a website matters because how else does a person responsible for a company website know that the video being played is effective or not? Imagine driving a car without a speedometer and a gas gage. How would the driver know how fast they are driving and how far they will be able to go before running out of gas? Well, having a video on a site without installing a video metrics technology is exactly like the aforementioned example. How will you know how many viewers actually watch your video and do they act on the message that is being delivered in the video? We at Dynamite Network have the answer to these questions with our innovative and powerful video metrics technology. A technology that many video spokesperson firms still do not offer.

Many businesses have inquired about whether implementing such technology for their video spokesperson is a long-term process. The short answer is no. Dynamite Video Metrics is extremely easy to set up. In order to measure the video analytics on your website, you simply need to insert a code on each page – a code that we provide for you. You will also receive a username and password to access your own video analytics dashboard. This video metrics interface tells you who is watching your video; from where, for how long and most importantly where do the viewers go after the video is stopped.

Many businesses believe that by looking at the number of hits or views a video gets, they are able to determine the success of their video spokesperson implementation. The number of views or hits a video on your page gets is almost irrelevant most of the times and should not be used as a primary key performance indicator. This is because most of the times, whenever a page reloads or refreshes, another view or hit will be added to the video. It does not relate to us how effective the actual message is and whether consumers are acting upon the message or not.

When it comes to video metrics or video analytics, one of the most important statistic to measure is the average length that the video is played. By knowing this number, you can find out on average, at what point does your audience turn off the video spokesperson. You can then analyze the video metrics related to the video and determine if the messaging is effective or not.

Another important metric that Dynamite Video Metrics provides is the statistic that displays where the viewer goes after watching the video. This is an extremely important statistic, because if the purpose of your whole video was to divert the viewer to another link or page, you need to know whether that action took place or not.

The great thing about our video metrics technology is that the platform not only measures our Dynamite Video Spokesperson, but any video that is implemented on your website. This can be a promotional video, an amateur video or any Mpeg, Quicktime or Flash video. The great news is that some companies have already started to use the video metrics technology and have started to reap its fruits. However, many companies on the contrary are still unaware that such technology even exists or worse off, even consider it important.

Let us at Dynamite Network help you get a jump start by implementing this unique video metrics technology on your website. It is a service not offered by free Analytics tool such as Google – and is unique in the sense that it is explicitly used for videos. Visit us at: for further information.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Video Spokesperson in Emails – To Use, Or Not To Use

Almost all successful businesses engage in some sort of e-mail marketing campaigns. As a matter of fact, e-mail marketing is one of the easiest marketing techniques, yet marketers are still trying to make it even better and successful. Recently, the whole notion of adding videos to e-mail spokesperson came about and was received by mixed opinions.

Many still believe that adding videos to your e-mails is not a good idea and can in fact deteriorate your marketing efforts. However, this can be the case with any marketing technique and campaign. On the contrary, the success of a marketing campaign depends highly on its execution and the amount of research that has been done prior to it. We believe that if done correctly, video e-mail marketing can be one of the strongest points of your e-mail campaign. The level of differentiation and customization you establish by adding a video to your e-mail can be the difference between acquiring a customer and losing one.

The consumer trend today is highly focused on Web 2.0 and the importance that is put on collaboration & engagement can be accomplished through these video e-mails. People want to see innovative e-mails; e-mails that are not the same old boring text and the occasional images. E-mails with video differentiate themselves from e-mail sent from companies that don’t and quickly get the customer’s attention while engaging and focusing them on the message being delivered. Businesses that have used videos or video spokesperson in their e-mails have been shown to increase their conversion rates and generate more leads - no matter which industry they are in.

Dynamite Network offers clients with the option to send video e-mails to their end customers. Through this, you are able to add that personal touch to your emails by adding a video spokesperson. This spokesperson will help make your e-mail blasts stand out in the recipient’s inbox.

The great feature about Dynamite Network’s video e-mail is that not only do they provide you with their own library of talents, but you yourself can come and be the talent for your e-mail. This can be useful in campaigns that are more personal or where the business wants to build greater trust by placing someone their customers are familiar with.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Real Estate Industry Reaping the Fruits of Video Spokesperson

In the past, the real estate developers’ websites were all static in nature and were “heavy” with text. There was essentially no personalization of their real estate project on the web. They made minimal use of digital online media. This however has taken a turn in recent times and many real estate agents have started to deliver a more humanized experience for their visitors and clients. This kind of experience is primarily only possible through the video spokesperson technology.

Real estate developers are now adding video spokesperson to their websites for multiple purposes. One of the most important reasons of the video spokesperson can be to increase the number of people leaving their contact information during their visit to the website. In the past, the number of people leaving their contact information was very low. This could be due to various reasons, usually revolving around trust and privacy. A lot of individuals do not feel comfortable providing sensitive personal information over the net, even if it may be in good hands. As a result, many real estate development companies started to look at leveraging the video spokesperson technology. This was done in order to help increase leads and provide that personalized experience so that customers could be more engaged with the website at large.

Those real estate agents who are stuck and confused; we say to them that there is no reason to be so. A video as simple as a professionally dressed female saying “Fill in the contact us form” can give out a clean and straight to the point message which can then in return increase your leads. Some explicit benefits that we have seen in the real estate industry are:

  • Increase in the number of people leaving their information on the website
  • Increase in the sales due to the number of qualified leads
  • Increase in customer loyalty and a stronger relationship due to a more humanized experience
  • Increase in the length of time visitors stay on your website

Agents who wish to leverage their core competencies are encouraged to utilize new and innovative marketing techniques such as the video spokesperson technology. This will guarantee the results that you deserve to see.

Check out an example of a video spokesperson on a real estate website:

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Practices for Video Spokesperson Ads

A lot of businesses think that putting a simple video ad or spokesperson on their website will get the attention of their visitors and somehow maximize the company’s goals. Though these digital marketing platforms are a lot more cost savvy and advantageous than traditional marketing and provide a lot more control to both the business and the users, the truth of the matter is that it is not all that simple. Like any marketing technique, video advertising comes down to the quality of its production and the method it is executed and implemented in. Here we list a few ways through which you can make sure your video ad is bound to bring success.

A Clear Purpose
Your video needs to have a point to it. What are you trying to sell? What are you trying to convey? What are you trying to achieve at the end of the video? These are the questions you need to answer yourself and then determine what kind of video you will need. Like any marketing strategy and alternative, match your purpose and objectives to certain criteria to see if such a strategy is viable. Take into consideration the strength of the purpose and tally in the cost that will be associated to the video. Though online video ads are relatively cheaper than traditional marketing, they still cost at the end of the day. This is why it is extremely important to know what the ultimate goal you wish to achieve by placing an ad on your website is.

Quality of Video
We are living in the Web 2.0 era and sacrificing quality is a big no-no. Invest in a company that has previously shown to produce great high quality videos. Invest in a company that really defines the essence of ‘borderless’ videos, so that when implemented on your website there is no apparent blotchiness. You would be surprised how many visitors will be put off by the poor quality of your video ad or a spokesperson -- even if it is trivial. The video also needs to be user-friendly and engaging. You do not generally want to see a 40 year old man speaking on a retail store targeting women. Choose a talent/actor that is relevant to the kind of business you are doing or the industry you are in. At the end of the day, the quality of the video is what the users will first notice once it starts playing. So it is extremely important to be professional when it comes to it.

Clarity of Content
This is perhaps just as important as the quality of the video. The content and the script need to be very clear and precise. Keep the video short, unless it is extremely necessary -- try to stay under 30 to 45 seconds. The whole point of the video spokesperson in essence was to direct users to the most important part of your website and to save their time from browsing through tons of text. However, if you start narrating a 2-minute sales pitch, your video will have no real effect. Get straight to the point and deliver the message. If you want them to check out a special promotion or fill out a certain form: then say it in a few sentences and wrap it up! It's as simple as that.

Video Placement
Equally important is the placement of your video spokesperson or a video ad in general. You do not want to place your spokesperson at a location where it may be a nuisance to the viewer and neither do you want it to be in a place where it may go unnoticed. This is where heat maps come into play. Web Heat maps are graphical representations of what the hottest spots on your website are. This means that it shows you what locations most visitors first lay their eyes on. This technology can be leveraged to determine where you may want to place your video spokesperson to fade in from or perhaps even walk in. This way, your video will already be placed at a location where the attention of most of your visitors is at and will be the best time to achieve what you need to achieve.


We believe that the above four points are the very minimum a business should keep in mind at all times during their video spokesperson ad campaign. Whether it be an increase in visitors or conversion rates – if those practices are followed correctly, your video is bound to bring the results that you deserve to see.

Web Ad Market Shows Signs of Life

The internet market once again shows signs of growth and expansion. Below are some exerts from an article by Brian Morrissey from Adweek.

  • The Interactive Advertising Bureau tallied a 7.5 percent rise in first-quarter U.S. online ad spending compared to the same period a year ago.
    • comScore released data that shows the online industry served 1.1 trillion ads to U.S. consumers in the first quarter.
    • The firm estimates U.S. online display ad spending in the quarter at $2.7 billion, with an average impression cost per thousand of $2.48.
    • PwC Assurance partner David Silverman said in a statement that the IAB figures show "continued signs of an improved economy and interactive advertising industry."
    Internet marketing growth rates are not showing any signs of deterioration and the era of Web 2.0 & E-marketing we live in, all point towards investing in online web advertising today.


    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Measuring the Success of your Video Spokesperson

    As the recession continues to loom over various industries, many companies are making the educated decision by increasing their marketing efforts. As the minds of the consumers dwell towards more innovative and personalized services, companies are looking towards new innovative technologies to deliver just that experience.

    Video Spokesperson technology is one of those innovative marketing technique that has been an emerging and fast growing trend in the e-marketing sphere. In the rapidly moving 21st century, consumer trends have shown that individuals have less spare time. Therefore, after being thrown a plethora of textual information from books to magazines, such technology can save time for a vast majority of internet users. Users who just do not want to get bogged down with more text. Imagine visiting a website and an individual calmly walks in onto your page and relays to you all the information that is relevant. Not only does this technology incorporate and engage the customers visiting the page, but statistics have shown that this technology has been extremely successful in increasing conversion rates and website hits. Building loyalty is one of the strongest keys to success and sustaining competitive advantage in a turbulent market and by delivering such a humanized experience, customer loyalty is definitely to be affected for the better.

    So far so good, but there is one vital piece missing. So the technology improves conversion rates and will increase my sales? Yes. But the question remains, by how much and how do I know if the technology is being utilized to the best of its ability on my website? How do I know that it is indeed the technology itself that has caused the rise in profits? This is where the unique video metric feature comes into play. With the implementation of the video spokesperson technology, other complementary assets are the various quantitative tools necessary to assess the impact of your Video Spokesperson. Various website video metric tools come into play and assist the business in making better strategic decisions. The video metric platform allows businesses to measure effectively any video that gets played on their website. This information can be drilled down to the point of where someone watched the video from, for how long and where they went after the video was played. The information can then be presented in a summarized chart form for efficiency or a detailed report for a more thorough analysis.

    Many companies have already started to use video metrics technology in order to help strategize their next business decision. A decision that is less risky and more favourable for the business at large.

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